KURT,  Owner and operator.
At age 16 Kurt began his love of cars. Since then he has not looked back. Working at dealerships such as Jaguar, Volkswagon,  and Chevrolet, Kurt crafted his skill. In his years of working for dealers in the Farmington Valley he saw how the customers were being treated and the high prices they were being charged. In 1986 Kurt felt it was time to open his own shop and treat customers the way he would want to be treated.  With this Kurt's Auto was created.
Along with general repair work Kurt started building his first hotrod. A  custom 1967 Chevy C 10 Pickup. Kurt's work was his best advertising. Being seen driving around the Farmington Valley, and at local car shows, people could see the skill and precision Kurt put into his work. With this Kurt's Customs became the premier hot rod destination.
In his spare time Kurt would race SCCA time trials and WKA go-cart races. Taking his knowledge of how he wanted his cars to be set up Kurt understands the needs of every driver, on the road or on the track.

MAX,  Co-Owner and head mechanic.
As Kurt's second son Max has followed in his fathers footsteps. Since learning how to weld at age 8 Max has been on a mission to learn everything he can about cars. His childhood includes building and racing go-carts which lead to his career in SCCA ITA racing. As driver for the Kurt's Customs sponsored Nissan 240SX Max has enhanced his ability of vehicle dynamics. After graduating high school at age 18 Max set off to perfect his skill. Traveling coast to coast he worked with race teams such as Skip Barber Racing School and Bob Akin Motor Sports.  After feeling he learned all he could from being on the road Max returned home to his father's shop. With the old school knowledge instilled by his father, and new school knowledge he picked up while traveling, Max's experience helps to solve any challenge he may face.

Meet Our Team!
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